Y-Chromosome Genome Comparison
Extending Y-DNA Haplogroup Knowledge via Collaboration

Y-Chromosome data contains no information about medical conditions or health traits


Project Goals

·    Encourage discussion and involve other people in the data search

·    Extend the definition of the Y-DNA Haplogroup Tree by identifying new SNPs

Sharing 23andME Y-Chromosome Data

·    Download the Y-Chromosome Data

·     Login on the 23andME.com website

·     Click “Account” in the upper right corner (to the right of your name)

·     Select “Browse Raw Data” from the pull-down

·     Click “download raw data” in the upper right corner

·     Enter your password and secret answer, select Data set “Y Chromosome”

·     Click “Download Data” in the bottom right corner

·     Save the data file to your computer

·    Share the Data

·     E-mail the data file to Adriano Squecco, asquecco@gmail.com

·     When submitting the file, please specify:

·     Is this an anonymous submission? If yes, no identifying or contact information will be published.

·     Surname to use with data (normally yours, but anonymous or geographic location OK)

·     Do you give permission to list your e-mail address (optional)

·     Your Y-DNA haplogroup (click “Paternal Line” in the 23andMe left sidebar) (optional)

·     Geographic location of your earliest known paternal ancestor (optional)

·     Ysearch ID if you have done Y-DNA STR testing and submitted the results to Ysearch.org (optional)

Project Data

·    Keep track of updates via the facebook community
YDNA SNPs Comparison Project facebook page

·    Adriano Squecco’s project spreadsheets (zipped Excel 2003)
Currently tracking 3796 SNPs with over 1000 samples shared by the user community!
Hgs A-Q (7.6 MB)  http://www.webalice.it/asquecco/Y_DNA-Forums_a.zip
Hgs R-T (8.3 MB)   http://www.webalice.it/asquecco/Y_DNA-Forums.zip

·    Project data set errata, listing incorrect or problematic SNPs and/or SNP values

Links to Web Resources  

Sharing deCODEme SNP Raw Data

·    Please see the deCODEme instruction page

Thank you for sharing your data, your time, and your ideas and
helping us further our understanding of the Y-DNA Haplogroup Tree.
This is a volunteer non-commercial effort and is not associated with any DNA testing company.

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