R-L21 Geno 2.0 Results

Sharing Geno 2.0 Data

·     Login on the Genographic site

·     Go the “Expert Options” tab on your “Profile” page
Some browsers may not take you directly to the “Expert Options” tab
If you do not see a “DOWNLOAD DATA” section on the page, please click on the “Expert Options” tab at the right side of the toolbar in the middle of the page

·     Click “DOWNLOAD.CSV” and save the Xxxxxxxx.csv.gz file on your local disk

·     E-mail the Xxxxxxxx.csv.gz to me at geno@daver.info and please be certain to include your FTDNA kit number
Note that some computers will automatically unpack the Xxxxxxxx.csv.gz file
If so, e-mail me the Xxxxxxxx.csv file that was created

·     If you wish to open the Xxxxxxxx.csv.gz file on your Windows computer, you will need to install an additional program that knows how to open “.gz” files
Many people use the program “7-zip,” a free download available at:
(most people will need the MSI download file for 32-bit Windows)

·     Please note that I cannot extract the necessary information from the data transferred to FTDNA, as that data is incomplete, and in some cases, incorrect – the raw results file (CSV.GZ file) contains the most complete and correct information


Geno 2.0 Result Aggregates

·   Summary of SNPs underneath R-L21 (PDF)
This spreadsheet includes the composite SNP results for all of each person’s tests, including WTY, Geno 2.0, and any à la carte SNP tests

·   Comparison of Geno 2.0 and WTY results for people who have done both tests
A CSV file listing SNPs which have different results between a WTY test and a Geno 2.0 test for the same person

Viewing the Results Summary

·   Use the “<CTRL><PLUS>” (magnify) and “<CTRL><MINUS>“ (shrink) key combinations to manipulate the size of the Summary table as it is too large to reasonably view at the default “page width” size – most people will want to make the window full size, then magnify at least three or four times

·   Use the “<CTRL>f” (find) functionality to locate kit numbers, surnames, or MikeW varieties on the page

·   Use the “<CTRL><SHIFT><MINUS>“ (rotate 90 degrees left) and “<CTRL><SHIFT><MINUS>” (rotate 90 degrees right) functionality for easier viewing of the legend at the bottom of the page

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