The Gann Family  

Gann Relationship
My Gann line of descent, down through my mother, Faye (Gann) Reynolds:
    Samuel  Adam  Thomas Sr  John "Jack"   Cornelius  Thomas  James Samuel "Sam"  George Allen   Hilda Faye Gann

Ganns in the American Revolution
Adam and his son, Thomas Sr, are recognized as Patriots of the American Revolution by both the Sons of the American Revolution and the Daughters of the American Revolution. Gann descendants interested in joining the SAR can reference my membership (NSSAR # 513383) if connecting up via my line of descent, or Paul Thurman Butler's membership (NSSAR # 121633), if connecting via his line of descent, which goes through a different son of Cornelius Gann (James Madison Gann, and his daughter, Missouri Alice (Gann) Thurman).

Oregon Gann Information
I have transcripted a large amount of Gann material from Oregon Vital Records, as well as Gann obituaries from Oregon newspapers. This is an older set of pages which I need to go through and re-organize at some point, but the information is correct. Please see The Gann Family in Oregon.

Social Security Death Benefits Index
I abstracted all of the Gann entries I could for those Ganns born before 1900. There are two versions of the information available, one sorted by birth date, and the other sorted by name.
    SSDBI Entries sorted by Name        SSDBI Entries sorted by Date

Census Transcriptions
I am transcripting all of the census records I can find which are relevant to my Gann line of descent. I will continue to add more as time permits.
    1800 Census:  Rockingham County, North Carolina
    1800 Census:  None -- all records lost for Tennessee
    1810 Census:  None -- all records lost for Tennessee, except for Rutherford County
    1820 Census:  None -- records lost for 20 eastern Tennessee Counties, including those where our Ganns lived
    1830 Census:  Rhea County & Hamilton County, Tennessee
    1840 Census:  Hamilton County, Tennessee
    1850 Census:  Walker County, Georgia
    1860 Census:  Dallas County, Missouri
    1930 Census:  Dallas County, Laclede County & Webster County, Missouri

Miscellaneous Transcriptions
    Marriage Records:  Washington County, Tennessee Marriage Records (1787-1840)
    Military Service:  Gann family members from Missouri who served in World War I

Message Boards
The following are among the message boards available at
     Gann         Dallas County, Missouri         Hamilton County, Tennessee

Gann Historical Society & Library, Inc.
A very active group of Gann researchers, publication is the Gann Gazette. If you are researching Ganns, I would heartily recommend that you join! Membership is $20/year, and contacts are Charles Gann, President, and Gayle Gann, Membership.

Useful Gann Links
To be added. Please send me e-mail with any of your favorite Gann links.

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