R-L21 Geno 2.0 Results

Sharing Geno 2.0 Data

·     If your Geno 2.0 results list includes L21+, Z290+,  or any of the SNPs listed below, please share your results with the User Community


Results Data

·     Results data includes the composite SNP results for all of a person’s tests, including WTY, Geno 2.0, and any à la carte SNP tests

·     The top-level Summary table includes R-L21, R-DF13, and some of the smaller subclades. Other subclades of R-DF13 are listed separately to keep tables down to a manageable size. Result page links are shown in the list below, in the same order as ISOGG Haplogroup R .


L21, L459, Z245, Z260, Z290, CTS10858, PF5191


DF63, CTS6919, F3901


DF13, Z2542, CTS3386, L526, L564, L580, L583, L679, L1314, L1315, L1406, L1408, M37, F4210, PF88, PF3434, PF7379, Z254


DF49, L302, DF23, M222, CTS8002, F1265, F3952, PF1169, PF2028, PF3292, Z2955, Z2961, Z2962, Z2963, Z2964, Z2970, Z2972, Z2973, Z2988


L513/DF1, Z249, CTS2687, CTS3087, CTS6621, CTS6942, CTS11744, L9, L10, L192.1, L577, L908, L909, L1333, Z1867, P66, L193, L706.2, L705.2




L144.1, CTS1751, L195


Z255, L159.2


Z253, F2563, F4036, L1308, PF825, PF1557, Z1284, L554, Z2534, L226, L643, DF73, CTS1202/L1066, L894, L895, Z2184, CTS3394, CTS5282, CTS5519, CTS7306, CTS8748, CTS9738, CTS9805


DF21, L641, L642, L739, L1336, Z3001, P314.2, L876, L362, L720, Z246, DF25, Z248, DF5, CTS3655, V75, L1402, L1403, L627, L626, L625, L658, PF5360




DF41, CTS2501, CTS11440, L563, L744, L746, L745, PF4634, PF6093


L1335, CTS11722/L1065, CTS6601, CTS6838, CTS7030, CTS7141, CTS11556, F3515, L743, L1334, PF112


CTS4466, CTS3974, CTS5714, CTS8358, L270, L1312


Z251, L555, L557, L561


L679, F110





Results Format

·     Allele values (e.g. "A+") are from WTY or Geno 2.0;  "+" or "-" values by themselves are from project SNP pages

·     Geno 2.0 allele values  have a darker background color than the WTY or à la carte SNP test results

Proj SNP


Rev Pol

Geno 2.0





not tested, or no-call





negative/ancestral, no mutation present





positive/derived, mutation present

Proj SNP

 value is from the FTDNA Project page SNP listing (à la carte tests included here)


 value is from the Finch2 server WTY results

Rev Pol

 value is from the Geno 2.0 raw results file, for an SNP with "reversed polarity" alleles

Geno 2.0

 value is from the Geno 2.0 raw results file

·     Variety labels are per the MikeW "Haplotype Data for R-L21" spreadsheet in the Links section of  the Yahoo R1b-L21 Group

Viewing the Results Tables

·     Use the “<CTRL><PLUS>” (magnify) and “<CTRL><MINUS>“ (shrink) key combinations to manipulate the size of a table for easier viewing.

·     Use the “<CTRL>f” (find) functionality to locate kit numbers, surnames, or MikeW varieties on the page

·     Use the “<CTRL><SHIFT><MINUS>“ (rotate 90 degrees left) and “<CTRL><SHIFT><MINUS>” (rotate 90 degrees right) functionality for easier viewing of the legend at the bottom of the page

Ordering Geno 2.0 SNPs Individually

·     Due to technical issues, some SNPs will not be offered for individual order
F2517 – located in a “right in the middle of a T homopolymer” which makes it difficult to develop reliable primers

F3952 – "located within a poly A region, which makes it very hard to be sequenced and interpreted"
PF1169 – "located within a highly repetitive region"
Z454 – recurrent SNP, found in J2a, I1, R-CTS4466, and R-DF21 so far

·     Recently identified novel SNPs not available for order, no status from FTDNA yet
CTS3394 CTS5282 CTS5519 CTS7306 CTS8748 CTS9738 CTS9805 CTS2687 CTS6601 CTS6621 CTS6942 CTS10858 CTS11744 F110 F2563 F4210 PF2028 PF4634 PF5191 PF6093 Z1867  status as of 19 July 2013

·     Recently identified novel SNPs not available for order yet; FTDNA is working on primers
Please note that primers do not always work as expected and there is no guarantee that these SNPs will in fact be offered for individual sale
CTS3386  status as of 23 July 2013

·     Geno 2.0 SNPs available for à la carte order from FTDNA
CTS1751 CTS2457 CTS2501 CTS3087 CTS3655 CTS3974 CTS4466 CTS5714 CTS6838 CTS6919 CTS7030 CTS7141 CTS8002 CTS8358 CTS11440 CTS11556 CTS11722 F1265 F3515 F3901 F4036 PF88 PF112 PF825 PF1217 PF1557 PF3292 PF3434 PF5360 PF7379


Geno 2.0 Errata

·     Geno 2.0 results for SNPs L144, L720, P314.2, PF1217, and Z246 are confirmed to be incorrect and are blacklisted

·     Geno 2.0 results for L9, L10,  L387, L705, L706, and M37 are anomalous and likely erroneous; pending further information they are also blacklisted

·     Results for Geno 2.0 SNPs that are blacklisted will not be included in the summary tables, however results for those SNPs from WTY or à la carte SNP tests will still be listed

·     Geno 2.0 results for L371 are reverse polarity (what NatGeo refers to as reading from the  “top” versus the “bottom”) and show in the raw results file as an A to C mutation (versus the T to G  mutation used in FTDNA results); ancestral or derived status is still correct, and L371 results are included in the summary tables

Other Resources

·     The ISOGG Haplogroup R tree is the latest official phylogenetic tree for R-L21 and subclades

·     Thomas Krahn’s Draft Tree reflects the latest discoveries from FTDNA’s Genomic Research Center (some SNP locations may be approximate)

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